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Three simple steps to recharge your SIM card

Three simple steps to recharge your SIM card

Staying connected and keeping in touch with your loved ones while traveling abroad has never been easier. All it takes is a mobile phone, some credit and you’re ready to go.

This is one of the most practical methods to stay connected abroad, but not always the most affordable. Now you can recharge your SIM card or somebody else’s card, any place, any time, at a reliable price, just by finding the best deal. Bunceit allows you to top up your SIM card from 130 countries, with over 400 operators in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, only a few clicks away and completely secured.

Now, you probably ask yourself “How can I top up my SIM Card while traveling abroad? How can I recharge somebody else’s SIM Card?” Well, that’s easy. You only have to follow 3 easy steps for recharging your own mobile phone or a friend or family member’s without any problems.

1. Choose your country

First of all, to perform a top up you need to select the country you’re in along with your phone number. You don’t even need to tell us which mobile provider you have – we will figure it out ourselves. The Top-up service shall only be provided to you by the mobile phone operators available on the Website which are subject to change and availability.

2. Recharge

After the first step, you will be required to choose a country and to write in the required field, on the website or associated mobile app, the mobile phone number to which the Top-up is to be credited. You have to make sure that you have correctly written the phone number and then, you will be required to select the amount of Top-up that you wish to credit on that phone number.

The cost of the Top-up value will vary depending on the amount of Top-up that you wish to send to your friend or family member, according to the denominations displayed on the Website. Before Topping-up, the total cost will be displayed before finalizing your purchase.

The total amount (including all applicable taxes and charges) that you will be required to pay will be displayed clearly on the company’s website or mobile app before you are asked to confirm your transaction and proceeding with the transaction at this point is entirely optional.

3. Enjoy!

The Top-up is instantly sent to the appropriate mobile phone number upon successful payment made by you. Occasionally, there may be a short delay before the relevant mobile operator applies the Top-up to the mobile phone number. You will receive a confirmation email, SMS message or App Notification which contains details of the Top-up, sent as soon as your Top-up transaction has been successfully completed.

That’s it. Top up your phone, any place, any time!

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