How to Save Money and Control Your Mobile Costs

How to Save Money and Control Your Mobile Costs

Do you really control your bills?

To start with, it’s very important to know what you’re paying for and how much does it cost. This way, you can spot what’s too expensive in your mobile plans. Check the several last months and see how much data you use, how many phone calls you make and how many text messages you send every month. In some situations, the plans you initially chose from your provider might be too much, compared to what you need. You might even get to the conclusion that a prepaid SIM card would be more suitable.

It is better to allocate a plan that brings you the comfort of paying a fixed sum every month to achieve maximum control over your costs

Secret tip: try seeing how much you pay “extra” ….it will let you know what the maximum price you’ll pay every month is and you can build your costs around that.

Pay for what you use

In some cases, you might discover that you’re not using all your contracted data from your provider. If you use less, then why pay for more? It works the same for phone calls and messages. If you don’t need all the facilities included in your mobile plan, get rid of them and choose another plan, matching your needs. A five-dollar prepaid card can offer you enough data and national minutes if you’re an average consumer. This kind of mobile service has many advantages, such as an easy way to be topped-up, from anywhere and at any time, lower costs, or flexible cost control.

Be open to changes

The competition between mobile companies is steep when it comes to costs. They are all fighting to bring new clients from their competitors. Studies show that people don’t change their provider because they don’t know what other companies can offer. While those who change their provider to get lower costs can save up to $20 monthly. So, if your contract is about to expire, take an hour to do your research and see if there are better offers.

Search for great deals

In some cases, you could get really great discounts. Ask the mobile providers what great offers they have. If you’re one of the loyal clients, ask for deals in order to make you keep their services. At the same time, you can look for other providers and see their offers for newcomers. They might be better than your current contractor. On the other hand, of course, if you are not loyal or too big, the offers will be less attractive, then it’s better for you to check the top up solutions. Companies like Bunceit allow you to top up your SIM card at any time with the amount of money you need in order to have the proper services, can provide you with the best solution.

Secret tip: make sure topping up is easy, simple, and fast, beware of choosing companies who top up in 48 hours…as you may be stuck without calls or messages when your credit is finished!

Sign up for a group plan

Another way of saving money on your mobile bills is to choose a family plan. It can be used by people that are not necessarily related. You can share your plan with a friend, your colleague, or your family members. This type of service can be a really great deal and save you some money. You will share your minutes and mobile data and can even get extra GBs, in case someone from the group will finish the data and needs some more. This way there’ll be no extra costs on your bill.

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